Trinity Reformed Church


Is it the case that the Church has a mission or is it more correct to state that the Church is defined by mission?  Famously Emil Brunner stated: 'The church exists by mission, just as fire exists by burning.'

We at Trinity are becoming more and more defined and fueled by our mission.  Mission is extending the love of Christ in word and deed to our fallen and needy world.  Besides actively inviting others to know Christ, we are also active in our community extending His love in various on-going ministries and projects. 

Local Mission:

  •  Waupun Food Pantry – supporting the feeding of the hungry through our local food pantry
  •  CROP Walk – raising funds in the Fall for both local and global food needs
  •  Community Table – fixing and serving fresh meals down at the Community Table site four times per year
  •  The Union – supporting a local youth center run by Youth for Christ which ministers the love of Jesus to local youth
  •  The Christian Home –supporting the chaplain’s program and general fund of our local faith-based, elderly adult care facility
  •  Deacon’s Fund – helping people with various needs through funds from our church (in conjunction with St Vincent De Paul)

Extra Projects this Fall have included mentoring at the local schools, supplying vegetables for a Free Farmer's Market, removing lockers from The Union, hosting Waupun's CROP Walk, and putting a Little Free Library in front of the church.

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